For the uninitiated, vinyl is a durable and extremely versatile material. By this point, if you've been to a grocery store, you've almost certainly seen vinyl floor graphics. This is due to vinyl's durability and how easy vinyl is to remove. It's really the ideal material for this purpose, as most vinyl is removable with minimal effort.

Queue Indicators

One of the ways that these graphics are being used at the moment is to indicate where people should stand in line in order to maintain safe social distancing protocols. There's a huge variety in the colors and graphics that are used. You can buy pre-made ones off the internet, or you can have them custom-made using specific fonts or colors to match your branding. Some of the graphics used are very simple, and sometimes, they're more complex.

Route Indicators

Many grocery stores are doing their best to reduce congestion and help their customers maintain proper social distancing protocols by indicating ideal routes through the store. Larger stores may have aisles that are intended to be one way, for example. It makes for a more circuitous route, but it's safer. Floor graphics are being used to accomplish this, in combination with other signage, to help customers know the ideal way to get through the store.

Distance Indicators

For some people, it's hard to conceptualize a distance of six feet in length. There's a variety of reasons for this. Some stores are choosing to help by installing graphics that are six feet long. This is especially useful when compared to floor tiles, shopping carts, or baskets. This can help people have a much better visual idea of what six feet distance actually is. It may be a shopping cart and a half, or it may be 6 floor tiles, or it may be the length of three shopping baskets. It's just helpful to give people something to help them grasp the distance better and shop in a safer and socially distanced manner.

Future Indicators

People are being trained to look at the floor to get the information that they need. It's not on purpose; it's just a result of how information is being conveyed to people. Use of floor graphics is likely to expand in the future, just because people are now more aware of the floor as informational space. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can use vinyl floor graphics yourself, as part of branding, advertising, conveying information, or simply enhancing your decor.

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