Remote control cars offer an exciting opportunity to express your artistic abilities and creativity while learning a great deal about electronics and enjoying the thrills that come with high speed vehicles. However, advanced RC work requires developing a knowledge base of a wide variety of specialized technologies. Because maintaining control is so important, steering servos are included in this required knowledge base.

Below, you'll find a guide to some tips for adjusting your steering servo system. Keeping this information in mind can help you guarantee complete control over your RC vehicle while also providing you with background knowledge that can allow you to provide many fine tunes and tweaks in the future.

Equal Steering Length

Many RC operators complain that their cars tend to drift or are much easier to control during turns in one direction than the other. This is often the result of the length of your steering servo links being out of balance, and it can be relatively easily adjusted.

Once you remove the servo horns and disconnect the steering links from your servo, you can adjust them to be of equal length. This should add more stability to your car as it travels in a straight line, and should also help eliminate any turning biases that may have previously been plaguing you.

Correct Positioning

Many RC hobbyists want to improve the look of their vehicle by creating unique body shapes and sizes that allow for full artistic expression. While this expression can be satisfying, it can also create a significant impediment in terms of full performance from your servo steering system.

Non-standard body shapes can require you to make difficult adjustments in mounting your steering servos. Without the proper alignment, your performance is likely to suffer. Therefore, it's important that you take the size and shape of your steering servo into account when designing your vehicle body and vital that you make sure it's seated and installed properly.

Consider Stiffer Springs

If you're still not getting the performance you want from your steering servo after many adjustments, it may be time to upgrade your equipment. Rather than replacing the entire servo, you may be able to adjust certain components in order to achieve better performance. Stiffer servo springs, for example, can be installed on the control rods. This will guarantee more consistent performance and stable driving control, and may put you in a position to be much more satisfied with the car you've created. You can buy servos online to fit your specific needs and desires.