If you are looking for fun and easy crafts to keep your kids busy during the winter months, look no further than your local hardware store. Hardware stores sell numerous supplies for making crafts and are a great place to pick up anything from acrylic paints to wood cut-outs that are sure to spark your kid's creativity. Armed with plenty of supplies, your kids will enjoy creating fun crafts to use or share with others.

Posters and collages

Kids love making posters to hang in their bedroom and your local hardware store is a great place to purchase poster board or large rolls of art paper. Worried about your kids making a mess? Purchase a large tarp at the hardware store, spread it over the table or floor, and let your kids unleash their creativity while protecting the surface they are working on.

Make sure you purchase plenty of paints and brushes to allow your kids room to experiment with different colors. Kids will enjoy making a collage, so encourage them to paint a sheet of paper in a solid color and cut pictures from their favorite magazines to paste on the colorful background to create a unique piece of art.

Valentine's Day crafts

If you are looking for unique ways for your kids to wish their friends and classmates a happy Valentine's Day, purchase unfinished wood cut-outs in heart shapes and let your kids paint the hearts red, pink, or white. Have them write a personal message on the heart with a black paint pen and they will have a keepsake to give in place of traditional Valentine's Day cards.

Picture frames

Unfinished wood picture frames are great if your kids love to make gifts to give their grandparents. Have your kids paint the picture frame and decorate it with foam cut-outs or stickers. They can place their photo in the frame and give it to friends and family for a gift that is sure to be appreciated.


Let your kids pick out their favorite wood cutout shapes to decorate and turn into fun refrigerator ornaments by simply gluing a magnet to the back. Snowmen shapes are perfect for a winter craft. Have them paint the snowman cut out white and glue on stickers and buttons to decorate their magnet.

Your local hardware store is a one-stop shop for crafting supplies that is often overlooked. With a wide variety of paints, wood cut-outs, glue, sponges, magnets, etc., you are sure to find plenty of supplies for your kids to create all kinds of art and crafts. See what your local hardware store has.