If you've recently purchased your first handgun, and you have limited experience with concealed carry holsters, you should familiarize yourself with the options. There are several different types of holsters you can use, if you want to conceal your pistol. Here is a brief description of them. All of these concealed pistol holsters are available in both right and left handed models.

Small Of Back

The small of the back is an excellent place to carry a concealed weapon, especially if you wear suit jackets or you don't tuck your shirts in. This holster will attach to the waistband of your pants, and the pistol will ride comfortably in the small of your back. If it is difficult for you to reach all the way behind your back, you might not want to consider this type of concealed holster.  

In The Pocket

If you wear pants that have deep pockets, the in the pocket holster might be a good choice for you. These holsters fit right inside your pockets and attach to your pants with a clip. One problem with the in the pocket holster is that they can be uncomfortable, especially when you're trying to sit down.

In The Waistband

If you like the idea of carrying your pistol on your waistband, but you don't want it in the small of your back, you may want to consider a concealed holster that rides in the waistband. These holsters can be worn on either side of your hip, and are easily concealed by shirts or jackets. One benefit of the waistband holsters is that they can attach right to your belt loop. If you've chosen a heavier handgun, you may want to wear a heavier belt, or pants may slip down.

Ankle Holster

The ankle holster attaches to your leg with straps and is completely concealed by your pant legs. This type of holster is popular with both men, and women. The one downside to this type of holster is that it can be difficult to reach quickly if you're standing up.

Making the decision to carry a concealed weapon is one that requires a great deal of thought. The type of holster you will choose should take the same amount of thought. Be sure you select the holster that will work best for you. Most gun stores, like Talon Holsters, will let you try on several holsters before you choose one.