If you have a little one on the way, you are probably scrambling around trying to make sure that everything is just right. Part of this includes creating a nursery that your baby will love. While this is sometimes a task that people pay others to do, many new parents are rolling up their sleeves and doing it themselves. If this sounds anything like you, it is important for you to read all of the information here before getting started.

Use VOC-Free Paint

One thing you need to do is avoid paint that has Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in it. There are special paints that clearly alert customers of the lack of VOCs directly on the label. If you fail to use this type of paint, it can cause breathing problems for your baby.

While there are many people who have been exposed to these chemicals without incident, it is not wise to expose your baby to them if there are alternatives. Buying VOC-free paint costs more than buying traditional paint at the paint store, but the safety of your child should be more important than saving a few dollars.

Eliminate Glare

While you may like the idea of painting your baby's room a bright color and having the sun bounce off of the walls, the glare can be particularly bothersome if your baby is trying to fall asleep. Also, having too much direct light shining in your baby's eyes can be damaging.

Many paints these days have the Light Reflective Value (LRV) on the label. Higher numbers mean more glare and lower numbers mean more darkness, so it is important for you to strike a balance between the two.

Choose The Right Color

People often select colors that they are very fond of, even though the baby will not have the same perception of it. Until your child is older, their vision will not be 20/20, which means that color does not have the same effect on them.

Instead of choosing the neutral tones you are probably more accustomed to, it is a good idea to use splashes of color that appeal to children's sense of sight.

This may seem like a bit much to remember when painting a nursery, but it is important for you to make things just right. It will be very exciting to bring a little one into your home, and having the perfect space for them will compound the feeling.