Installing a pool in your backyard is only the beginning of designing your pool area. In order to make a location that is well suited for you, your family, and all of your other guests to swim in, you are going to want to add to it. This article will talk about what you can do to create an awesome pool area in your backyard. 

Pour Cement

When your pool is first installed, it will likely just be surrounded by dirt. This dirt can easily get blown or tracked into your pool, and can be a hassle to try and clean up. To help keep your pool clean, you can have some cement poured all the way around your pool. Not only does this cement stop the dirt from getting in your pool, but it also adds a more professional and finished look to your pool area.

The cement that you choose can also be stamped with a certain design on it to make it look more customized and creative. Different stains can also be added to your cement in order to better preserve it, or to just give it a different color and overall appearance. 

Plant Some Grass

Once you have poured all of your concrete around the pool, you will then want to add some grass in the areas behind the concrete. This grass will provide a soft place for you and all of your pool guests to relax, and will also add some physical beauty to the area. If you plan on planting your grass from seed, you will want to make sure that your pool guests keep off of this area while it is growing in. However, sod can be put down in one day, and you and your guests can walk on it right away. 

Add Some Outdoor Decor and Pool Extras

The final step is likely one of the most fun because this is when you can add all of your personalized pool decor and extras. You will want to get pool chairs, tables, and table umbrellas to put around your pool area. You can also have a small pool house built to store all of your pool equipment. An outdoor kitchen with a grill and bar can be a lot of fun, and can make eating outdoors by the pool possible. If you want to make your pool itself more fun, you can even have a water slide or a waterfall installed that goes directly into your pool. Read more for additional backyard pool ideas.